Friday, 4 October 2019

Merlin Chesters blog is closing down

After several years of paying for a domain, I took the painful decision of cancelling it.

The blog won't stop existing until November 2nd 2019, but then the cancellation will be definitive. Having a blog gave me a lot to think about, and enhanced my writing skills in English. I am aware I got out a lot of only a little money that I spent on this.

I haven't written on here for months and it doesn't seem that I will be back any time soon, contrarily to what I was expecting.... Too much to study and to plan at the same time. I am entering dissertation phase proposal and I am also writing, and/or translating, a lot. Once I got busy with jobs too, although short-term, I realized I couldn't keep up with my blog-writing duties.

It has been nice until it lasted. Leaving you with a nice quote by John Lennon.

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