Monday, 18 February 2019

Hiatus from social media and news

Update 20/02/2019:
I deactivated my Twitter account altogether. Quite happy about it too.

Many of you will have certainly noticed that I don't use my social media as I used to do. First of all, I haven't much spare time to dedicate to useless activities like arguing online with anonymous people; secondly, I have started to prefer real life to online interactions.

Furthermore, due to my MA study workload, I cannot dedicate the only leisure time I am left to pointless arguments when I could enjoy it with my kitties and husband. I am also trying to recover from two herniated disks that have plagued the nerves of my left leg since mid-September. Specialist at the local hospital has given me 18 months to recover, so I need to slowly re-start to exercise if I don't want to lose muscle flexibility and strength. Unfortunately, no excavations this year and trying to pile up as much study as I can while I am temporarily *disabled*.

And, last but not the least, we are waiting for a new kitten to arrive so I had to improvise and transform myself into a seamstress (sewing cat beds is not so simple as it seems though!).

Bye for now,
Merlin x

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