Thursday, 6 December 2018

When you think that things could not get better... but they do

Hello everybody,

This morning's post seemed an exception as I had been away for about 7 months without writing anything.

But I had good news, so why not sharing those too?

First of all, the British government finally published the White Paper for immigration in the event of a no-deal Brexit. I was expecting bad news and some were... but not as much as I thought. Maybe some of us will be able to stay and allowed to carry on a normal life.
Although I have not much hopes for a nice outcome post-Brexit, it would be nice if the focus was not on migrants all the time.

Happiest news of the day: I got an article on the blog of the university of Leicester!!

Really happy I was featured on the blog for the first time.

Goodnight and best wishes :-)

Merlin x

Update: Video on Rai Storia (I appear for 1 second near the end)

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