Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Protect the Forests, Protect the Earth - Earth's Day 2018 fundraising

Before the Christmas holidays 2017, my friend Maria (Lee Pace Italy’s admin) and I discussed the possibility of starting a project to raise funds for an environmental cause. 

As we were inspired by the work of Lee Pace regarding the forests of this planet (with Conservation Internation Foundation), we decided to launch a fundraising page to protect them.

As it is written in the page itself, forests are the ‘Lungs of the Earth’. And Earth is something all mankind shares: if we protect the forests, we also protect the planet and all living creatures inhabiting it, ‘us’ included.
All of us should feel involved in this. Like it happens with climate change, any major event on the Earth affects everyone, not only people inhabiting the area where the event happened. Destruction of the forests effects the global production of oxygen, threatens the natural habitat of several animal species, causes major disasters as floods or landslides, and many other horrifying consequences. Is it worth it? Well, NO.
Unfortunately, we are going backwards in our thinking concerning our planet, the environment and nature: we always think smaller. And we have forgotten that if we do not preserve the planet we are living on NOW, there is no hope future generations will be able to, as we will hit a point of no return soon.
At this point, you will wonder.... Why is an archaeologist/historian involved in this? Maybe because the destruction of environment also affects heritage sites and therefore the archaeology in it? It's a global fight and all of us should feel part of this, regardless of our jobs!

Therefore, I am here asking you to help us with our fundraising and support the forests, any amount you can give is ok: 

If that is not possible please support our fight and share our page far and wide. The more it is shared, the more chances of support we have.
The fundraising will over on Earth's Day 2018 (22/04/2018).
Thanks in advance for any help and support!

#protecttheforests #protecttheEarth

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