Saturday, 6 January 2018

It's finally over! Now what?

Many of you, who followed me around the web, already know I was attending a degree course. I did it half part-time / half full-time, so the result was that it took me about 4 yrs and a half to complete it. 
It would have been less long if I had not plunged in a depression right close to dissertation time last year (I self-suspended from studies to 'regroup and heal' for about 5 months).

Well, it's over. Dissertation done! No more study for... I have no idea, maybe.. 5 minutes? 
Oh well, my body struggles to be busy but my mind cannot stop 'working'!! I am writing a book, writing my scripts, writing for my Creative Writing course and learning modern Greek!

However, at this point, I am forced to think about my future. What I really want to do? I cannot add 'when I grow up' because I am well beyond that age where mistakes can be made.
And that's awful, isn't it? Knowing that a choice could bring awful consequences without the possibility of seeing it undone. And this thought makes me very nervous.
More to come! Merlin x

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