Saturday, 6 January 2018

It's finally over! Now what?

Many of you, who followed me around the web, already know I was attending a degree course. I did it half part-time / half full-time, so the result was that it took me about 4 yrs and a half to complete it. 
It would have been less long if Brexit hadn't happened, because I plunged in a depression right close to dissertation time last year (I self-suspended from studies to 'regroup and heal' for about 5 months).

Well, it's over. Dissertation done! No more study for... I have no idea, maybe.. 5 minutes? 
Oh well, my body struggles to be busy but my mind cannot stop 'working'!! I am writing a book, writing my scripts, writing for my Creative Writing course and learning modern Greek!

However, at this point, I am forced to think about my future.
What I really want to do? I cannot add 'when I grow up' because I am well beyond that age where mistakes can be made.
And that's awful, isn't it? Knowing that a choice could bring awful consequences without the possibility of seeing it undone. And this thought makes me very nervous.
Of course, I am trying to find a job... that will start in April, as in March I will be in Greece. Is that even feasible? 

I doubt I will ever get a job in England but I have to try, mainly for my husband who thinks it's possible I find one (I can totally imagine my very work-empty CV being binned on the day any employer receives it). You need to know... that the longest time I had a job in England was for 4 weeks.. and they were making me slave away in a job completely different from the one they had advertised. Then, radio silence, nothing! 
Spent all my years in Scotland working, one way or another, and in England... nada, zilch, zero... Must that be because they have always been a bit xenophobic but they just hid it better before the referendum? Hmmm probably!

To be honest we had thought to go back to Scotland but that possibility faded away during the Brexit chaotic process: Scotland will probably go down the cliff with England, so no point to move to Scotland when nothing will change...

Then, do we want to talk about the settled status for us EU citizens?
'Settled status' is something of a treat sold to Brexiteers in order to feel their conscience is less dirty for having voted Leave.
There is a high chance that disabled, carers of elderly people, stay-at-home mums or spouses (like me), will NOT be protected by this status.
Could it be that May wants to deport us? Probably!

I have to add something here, something hugely forgotten (also by my fellow EU residents):
If you get deported once, your deportation goes on record. Receive one of those 'lovely' letters from the Home Office and you might throw away any chance you had to start afresh in another country. 
Do you want to risk that?
I know I don't.

Have a nice weekend,

Merlin x

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