Monday, 6 November 2017

When getting 'likes' and 'hits' is all that matters

This is another updated post from the old blog. The ones who followed me here will already be bored at this stage but given that I am publishing on a new domain address, I think it was worth saving some posts and re-publish the here.


Although I am mainly an academic writer of late, sometimes I also like to write on the spur of the moment. It feels liberating to let words flow on the keyboard in a natural way. I needed to vent and I'm lucky enough to have a blog where I can rant and babble nonsense if I feel to ;)

However... when the need to vent is made at the expense of someone else, is it still fine? What if that someone is even 'indicated' in the article? Does not that become an impolite and rude bullying of an innocent person? I'll explain myself better.

Today I read an article on an Italian blog where at the beginning the author was clearly mocking:

a) a group of people
b) some expat blogs

Apart from the fact that the language used in the article was clearly insulting to the people of point 'a', I thought that the worst part was the second one where the author was clearly deeming some immigration blogs stupid and improvised. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinions but at some point the female author alluded to a blog in such a manner that it became clear who and what she was talking about.

Needless to say, the author of the mentioned blog got aware of that, became furious and complained to the admin of that website. Rightly so; I'd have probably burnt someone at the stake if I was in her shoes. The insulting part of the article was removed and... all was fine...NOT. Because the admin of the website hasn't clearly gotten why the second blogger was feeling offended. In the end, the post had been so popular!! Lots of shares and likes and hits. Ha. It's what that matters nowadays. Online popularity, the more the better. If this means to step on someone else's rights or feelings, it doesn't really matter. Nah. For some people, loyalty doesn't exist anymore once that hits and likes get front stage.

I don't share this opinion, no matter how popular it is. I made a decision, when I opened this blog, not to cave in to 'marketability'. I don't sell products and I don't earn any revenue from having more or less 'hits' on this website. There's no meaning for me to pander to different audiences or to write likable posts, I don't need to be internet famous, to be honest I don't need to be famous at all.

I don't get endless likes and retweets on this blog and it's fine like that. I know, maybe some admins dream bigger. Perhaps hits and likes and shares become their drug, and nothing else matters anymore. However, today's events also prompted me to think; they were food for thought. Because 'I' could also be thrown under the bus if somebody else's necessity arises, I could be judged and deemed stupid, childish and backwards as the other blogger was. My blog could be easily derided by someone who thinks I'm talking nonsense all the time or asking the wrong or stupidest questions.

Well, I am about to give bad news to everyone though. Careful who you pick for bullying and mocking, because I'm not going down without a fight. Like Samson, I die with the Philistines ;)

Have a nice evening,
Merlin xxx

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