Saturday, 11 November 2017

The realm of the easily offended in 5 steps

It is evident that only a few people who were present on the friends list of my old Facebook account 'really' got what I had written in one of my posts on Wordpress. It still baffles me why some people would ask for your friendship whilst they never liked what you have to say. If you don't like my opinions, block me or better... avoid to ask me to be your friend, right? I am deeply annoyed when some people are all over Facebook posting crap and once that you comment under their sh**ty posts showing that your opinion is different or it is completely the opposite of theirs, well...  then you're a bad person, a real devil incarnate. I might also be a bad person, not sure. However, I'm surely better than all those 'keyboard hypocrites' that believe that having a different opinion from them or calling them out on their bullshit mean I'm evil. 

Ok, down to the list (done for a few laughs!) of the 'easily offended internet user':

1) The ones who troll their own feed to see whom they can be offended at

These people have nothing to do most of the time, half of their followers already got bored of what they had to say and they try to find the most absurd stuff to clutch at straws in terms of offence. I called a woman out on her spreading misinformation and she started holding a grudge against me. Saying 'I'm wrong' is outdated. Opinionated and informed people are evil, didn't you know? Under another of her posts I wrote 'please be patient, I'm an obnoxious academic' and she transformed it in 'I'm obviously superior to you because I go to university, you're an idiot, so I need lot of patience'. Apart from the fact that nobody gains brains as a collateral effect by just going to university, but above all if I study at a higher education institution, it only means that it is my choice and something I really wanted to do, it doesn't clearly imply the rest of the planet is stupid! So she switched the onus from me to her, clutching at straws to find the most absurd excuses to start a fight. I started being online nearly 20 years ago, so these petty tactics don't work with me anymore. Blocked and with no regrets. She had a friend who was going down the same route and... Byeeee.....

2) The ones who troll everybody else's feed to see whom they can be offended at

These category includes everyone who's so bored, whose life is so empty that they need to fight for something possibly against someone. They will get behind every topic, every lost cause, Greece, Catalonia, Assange, petitions of any kind, even the flowers in your garden.. it doesn't matter. They will start chatting or replying to your comments and tweets just to show you're in the wrong and you have deeply insulted them. This happens mostly on Twitter if you have an open account. Two years ago I had an epic row with an idiot who wanted to make me feel guilty by telling me that 'all of us are worse than the bankers because we do nothing to save Greece'. I replied that if she had 300 billions of euros she was welcome to help them as much as she liked and no, I'm not a banker and I don't feel like one. I'm mostly on the poor side and surely if I had a job I'd help my relatives, not sending pennies to the whole of Greece. Same for Catalonia's situation at the moment (sick of it!).

3) The ones who hold a grudge against some discriminated categories and they act like they're offended to hide their own prejudice

Those are the ones who have a social media account but they are never on it; they explode when any of the discriminated categories they hate are celebrating for good news. So the internet imploded with homophobes and religious extremists after the legalisation of same sex marriage in USA, sexists and racists commenting on Cosby's rape charges, xenophobes against EU citizens' good news, you get the trend. I've lost count of many people I blocked on Twitter in 7 years, let's hope I cleaned my account of any sexist, mysoginist, racist, bigoted and homophobic idiot who was around. Pretty sure my blocked list is actually longer than my followers' (absurd!).

4) The ones who adore celebrities and get offended if you express a negative opinion against their favourite celebrity or his/her fans

This group include the 'blind' fans who put their favourite celebrity or celebrities on a pedestal and God forbid you have a different opinion from them.... I dared to post on Tumblr the screenshot of a silly tweet about a lady who was sad that Tom Hiddleston hadn't tweeted in 3 months and that her life was lacking something. 150 notes. 150 bloody, fekkin' reblogs for something so stupid. Not even if I had written the Iliad I would have gotten 150 reblogs!! First, I'm entitled to my opinion and I don't give a flying whatever if anyone is annoyed because I said such a thing. Second, in what alternative universe a person waiting for 3 months that Tom Hiddleston tweets is normal? Because in this universe I'd bet that even Tom Hiddleston in person would agree with me.

5) The ones who are offended, stat

This is the perennially unhappy group; the one whose personal mission is to trick you into feeling guilty whatever the topic of discussion is and therefore to make you DEEPLY unhappy too. Yes, the miserable internet users who are eternally offended by everything and everyone. I don't know how they can look at themselves in the mirror. You can't be online and escape someone belonging to this group. They are like dementors, they want to suck the life out of you and you can't escape them. Go figure, I was able to get people offended because I got married, well... you get the type of person.

Merlin x

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