Friday, 17 November 2017

Sticky Toffee Pudding ricetta - recipe

N.B. This recipe is first written in Italian then in English / Questa ricetta e' scritta prima in italiano e poi in inglese.

Lo Sticky Toffee pudding è un dessert caldo e pare che sia stato sviluppato e servito per la prima volta nel Distretto dei Laghi negli anni ’70. Nonostante il fatto che dovrebbe essere una creazione inglese, ho trovato che è molto più diffuso nei menù dei ristoranti in Scozia che in Inghilterra. I dolci a me sono sempre piaciuti, di ogni tipo e in ogni nazione. Mi riesce difficile trovare dei dolci che non mi piacciono perchè sono un’amante dei dolci! 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

The obsession of putting people in a box (Italian nationality and stereotypes)

Have you ever felt completely fed up with the whole idea that is necessary to label people? Whilst some of these ‘labels’ became recognised as some sort of discrimination (racism, sexism, etc.) or non-politically correct terms, other labels still get a pass because it seems there is no consequences after ‘saying them’ or it is even funny to say them. Well, some stuff can be fine if used for comedy, but some labels just need to DIE.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

5 things you shouldn't expect of Aurora Borealis sightings

As many of you know, Aurora Borealis is "a natural light display in the sky (from the Latin word aurora, "sunrise" or the Roman goddess of dawn), predominantly seen in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions. Auroras are caused by charged particles, mainly electrons and protons, entering the atmosphere from above causing ionisation and excitation of atmospheric constituents, and consequent optical emissions. Incident protons can also produce emissions as hydrogen atoms after gaining an electron from the atmosphere." (from Wikipedia) They're also called 'Northern Lights'.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Being ‘different’ is a real curse

'Dedicated to all the 'different' ones out there, regardless of where they are from, and to my late friend Heidi who always told me to cherish my different identity'

From my arrival to UK, one of the things I enjoyed the most was to have the privilege of wearing whatever I liked, without necessarily being shunned by the rest of society. This was something I felt strongly about, because before leaving Italy I had completed a 7-year streak working for fashion designers companies. In these companies, an invisible dress code was the accepted rule for all the employees. I say invisible because it was not written in any contract, but if you didn’t conform to it, chances were your employment contract was not going to be renewed. This invisible dress code meant that the employee had to spend a crapload of money in clothes and shoes to be ‘like the rest of the staff’, regardless of their job titles. Not necessarily these clothes had to be made by the same brand we were working for, but that was a plus, of course. This also meant that all my wages earned in two years and a half (length of my employment in the first fashion company I worked for) got wasted for the invisible dress code.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

The realm of the easily offended in 5 steps

It is evident that only a few people who were present on the friends list of my old Facebook account 'really' got what I had written in one of my posts on Wordpress. It still baffles me why some people would ask for your friendship whilst they never liked what you have to say. If you don't like my opinions, block me or better... avoid to ask me to be your friend, right? I am deeply annoyed when some people are all over Facebook posting crap and once that you comment under their sh**ty posts showing that your opinion is different or it is completely the opposite of theirs, well...  then you're a bad person, a real devil incarnate. I might also be a bad person, not sure. However, I'm surely better than all those 'keyboard hypocrites' that believe that having a different opinion from them or calling them out on their bullshit mean I'm evil. 

Ok, down to the list (done for a few laughs!) of the 'easily offended internet user':

Thursday, 9 November 2017

The sad inutility of offering a constructive discussion to ignorant people

A while ago, a friend of mine on Facebook reproached me a bit for trying to argue with people regardless of the discussed topic. She said that trying to reason with people about politics, stereotypes, prejudice and religions was useless.
I'm a fighter by nature... This doesn't imply that I attack people on purpose but that I try to get my point across and to stand up for what I believe in (yes, even though I'm the only one standing!).

I had to mellow a bit in recent years because how I said these things was, often, more of a problem than what I had said. Well, the longer I was online and the more spot-on my friend appeared to be. And not just about those things mentioned by her, but nearly everything.

I understood it was not a problem of topics, it was a problem of 'people'. A large majority of people has no ability to discuss things, whether in a civil or uncivil manner, nor they want to learn it. A few animated discussions I had online recently convinced me that a great number of people can't accept they are wrong about something and they get on their high horse nearly immediately, often resorting to insults or offences. But why is that?

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The defeatist attitude of an (ex) artist

This will be an old, melancholic post with a dressing of reminiscence of the past. Too many Brexit posts clogged my feed since 23/06/2016, so I need to re-post old articles as a 'break' from the barrage of disgusting news coming from... well, everywhere!

* * *

Usually, I adhere to the philosophy that whatever lies in the past cannot have any effect on the future whatsoever and I generally refrain from indulging in 'good ole days'thoughts. However, now more than ever the past is coming back on a worldwide scale. Reasons behind Trump's election and Brexit referendum success are witness to this. Why is that?

Historically speaking, the past often offers a glimpse into a 'golden age'. At any time in the last 3 millennia, lots of authors have looked back and thought "well it was awesome back then, wasn't it", with many scholars even re-elaborating whole periods of history to fit their contemporary thinking and their bias. In some cases, some golden ages have included mass genocides, famine, Black Death, never mind that a few centuries later we found a way to justify or gloss over these little, inconvenient details.
It's the same with us, in our little inconsequential lives... we look back and romanticise some events. And here I've fallen victim to the same trend.

Monday, 6 November 2017

When getting 'likes' and 'hits' is all that matters

This is another updated post from the old blog. The ones who followed me here will already be bored at this stage but given that I am publishing on a new domain address, I think it was worth saving some posts and re-publish the here.


Although I am mainly an academic writer of late, sometimes I also like to write on the spur of the moment. It feels liberating to let words flow on the keyboard in a natural way. I needed to vent and I'm lucky enough to have a blog where I can rant and babble nonsense if I feel to ;)

However... when the need to vent is made at the expense of someone else, is it still fine? What if that someone is even 'indicated' in the article? Does not that become an impolite and rude bullying of an innocent person? I'll explain myself better.

Eppure, me l'avevano detto! - Book by Roberta Castelli

Dear followers,

One of my first posts on the other blog was about my friend Roberta Castelli's ebook 'Eppure, me l'avevano detto!'.
The book is in Italian so it's worth continuing in this language.

Al tempo dell'apertura dell'altro blog, pubblicizzai un ebook che adesso e' anche in versione cartacea "Eppure, me l'avevano detto!".
Anche se la mia 'audience' italiana e' molto limitata, consiglio vivamente di leggersi il libro sopracitato, sia per riflettere che per farsi due risate. Il libro racconta in modo molto comprensivo della vita e delle 'avventure migratorie' dell'autrice.

Questo e' il primo libro in italiano che ho letto dopo vent'anni; avevo cominciato a trovarli noiosi, troppo 'letterari' e/o complicati e soprattutto vuoti a livello emotivo. Non mi emozionavo più, e così smisi. Da allora ho sempre e soltanto letto in inglese (e 4-5 libri in francese). Quindi per me è stato un ritorno al passato e un immergermi nelle 'origini'.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

First post

Dear All,

So this is the first post on here. I am still trying to work out how to move all my posts from Wordpress at the moment, although some of them were clearly redundant (as 'home sweet home' UK is not that sweet now!).

I hope you will be patient and follow me here too.


Merlin x

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