Friday, 4 October 2019

Merlin Chesters blog is closing down

After several years of paying for a domain, I took the painful decision of cancelling it.

The blog won't stop existing until November 2nd 2019, but then the cancellation will be definitive. Having a blog gave me a lot to think about, and enhanced my writing skills in English. I am aware I got out a lot of only a little money that I spent on this.

I haven't written on here for months and it doesn't seem that I will be back any time soon, contrarily to what I was expecting.... Too much to study and to plan at the same time. I am entering dissertation phase proposal and I am also writing, and/or translating, a lot. Once I got busy with jobs too, although short-term, I realized I couldn't keep up with my blog-writing duties.

It has been nice until it lasted. Leaving you with a nice quote by John Lennon.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Hello quickly back

Wow life certainly took over since the last time I published anything on this blog... I will update all my readers with all the news soon.

Concerning my 'holiday' from social media, only my Instagram account is now active, deleted my Facebook account as well and I don't think I miss it a tiny bit! :-D

When I am back from the dig in Italy I will update you.

If you are in UK.. enjoy your last 3 days of summer!!

Merlin x

Monday, 18 February 2019

Hiatus from social media and news

Update 20/02/2019:
I deactivated my Twitter account altogether. Quite happy about it too.

Many of you will have certainly noticed that I don't use my social media as I used to do. First of all, I haven't much spare time to dedicate to useless activities like arguing online with anonymous people; secondly, I have started to prefer real life to online interactions.

Furthermore, due to my MA study workload, I cannot dedicate the only leisure time I am left to pointless arguments when I could enjoy it with my kitties and husband. I am also trying to recover from two herniated disks that have plagued the nerves of my left leg since mid-September. Specialist at the local hospital has given me 18 months to recover, so I need to slowly re-start to exercise if I don't want to lose muscle flexibility and strength. Unfortunately, no excavations this year and trying to pile up as much study as I can while I am temporarily *disabled*.

And, last but not the least, we are waiting for a new kitten to arrive so I had to improvise and transform myself into a seamstress (sewing cat beds is not so simple as it seems though!).

Bye for now,
Merlin x

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Happy Christmas holidays!

To all my followers and your families:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

2019 will be a crucial year in many regards, lots of news for sure!

Merlin x

Photo credits to Southern Living (

Thursday, 6 December 2018

When you think that things could not get better... but they do

Hello everybody,

This morning's post seemed an exception as I had been away for about 7 months without writing anything. 
But I had good news today, so why not sharing those too?
Happiest news of the day: I got an article on the blog of the university of Leicester!! Really chuffed I was featured on the blog for the first time.

Then during the day I even got featured (for about 1 second near the end of the video!) on an TV advert about Pompeii filmed by Rai Storia:

Upwards and onwards :-)

Merlin x

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