Friday, 20 September 2019

Hello quickly back

Wow life certainly took over since the last time I published anything on this blog... I will update all my readers with all the news soon.

Concerning my 'holiday' from social media, only my Instagram account is now active, deleted my Facebook account as well and I don't think I miss it a tiny bit! :-D

When I am back from the dig in Italy I will update you.

If you are in UK.. enjoy your last 3 days of summer!!

Merlin x

Monday, 18 February 2019

Hiatus from social media and news

Update 20/02/2019:
I deactivated my Twitter account altogether. Quite happy about it too.

Many of you will have certainly noticed that I don't use my social media as I used to do. First of all, I haven't much spare time to dedicate to useless activities like arguing online with anonymous people; secondly, I have started to prefer real life to online interactions.

Furthermore, due to my MA study workload, I cannot dedicate the only leisure time I am left to pointless arguments when I could enjoy it with my kitties and husband. I am also trying to recover from two herniated disks that have plagued the nerves of my left leg since mid-September. Specialist at the local hospital has given me 18 months to recover, so I need to slowly re-start to exercise if I don't want to lose muscle flexibility and strength. Unfortunately, no excavations this year and trying to pile up as much study as I can while I am temporarily *disabled*.

And, last but not the least, we are waiting for a new kitten to arrive so I had to improvise and transform myself into a seamstress (sewing cat beds is not so simple as it seems though!).

Bye for now,
Merlin x

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Happy Christmas holidays!

To all my followers and your families:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

2019 will be a crucial year in many regards, lots of news for sure!

Merlin x

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Thursday, 6 December 2018

When you think that things could not get better... but they do

Hello everybody,

This morning's post seemed an exception as I had been away for about 7 months without writing anything. 
But I had good news today, so why not sharing those too?
Happiest news of the day: I got an article on the blog of the university of Leicester!! Really chuffed I was featured on the blog for the first time.

Then during the day I even got featured (for about 1 second near the end of the video!) on an TV advert about Pompeii filmed by Rai Storia:

Upwards and onwards :-)

Merlin x

Me, Richard Armitage and his terrible fans

Hello everybody,

This is an unusual post and steers away from my usual ramblings.
I will probably come around to write a post about that too (WTH with all those horrible lists on Twitter? They remind me of ancient Roman proscription lists!). Well, that 
can wait a couple of days because I still have to write my Christmas cards.

As some of you know, both as a hobby and as something I like to observe for my scripts, I follow the career of several actors (male and female). In one of my online wanderings I came across a blog about British actor Richard Armitage (he is in #BerlinStation on Channel 4 at the moment) and it seemed, strange but true, that the sort of conversation in the comments was civil. Clearly, nowadays being civil or respectful towards your fellow human beings must have gone out of fashion.

So, from discussing Richard Armitage's attitude to his vanity and nose, well... I ended up being told I'll be sunk as an historian as I have no capability to understand the difference between 'literally' and 'non-literally'. I would be careful to make such assertions if I were her, as nearly half of her country's entire voting pool believed someone who could make America great again (some historians are part of his fanbase too, better she starts lecturing them now).  Seriously, have a look here... 

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